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Tying a Cheche (Tagelmust) – The Dakhla Way!

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Sandboarding in the Sahara

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We took a rest stop between Tan Tan and Dahkla in the Western Sahara (though the Moroccan’s don’t want me to call it that and get very ticked off if you don’t refer to it as Morocco…).

Puncture Repair (Video)

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What happens when you drive very worn Winter tyres through the Sahara Desert? Well, actually – not much! You get some pretty impressive grip… Sadly, that grip also included a discarded screw… which ended up in our tyre! Last year we had a puncture in the High Atlas mountains… so this year we are going […]

Day 2: Time to Tango?

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Day two of the challenge… and by the time you read this, we should be somewhere in Spain… or is that Morocco? Well, last year – by this point we were in a hotel in Southern Spain enjoying the sunshine, sangria and paella…  I don’t think Andrea will be having any Paella this year… lets […]

Day 1: England & France

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After a ridiculously early start, we got to Folkestone with time to spare before our train left today. We then made fantastic time through France, without the slightest impediment from the snow… There was no traffic, and we found a fantastic free campsite on the border with Andorra where we are now spending the night. […]

Al Jazeera in The Sahara?

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Looks like Al Jazeera has started broadcasting footage from the Saharan groups, Al-Queda in Mahgreb, Saharan Emirates, & co. Feels like I should be getting much more worried than I am… An offshoot of al-Qaeda has emerged in the deserts of North Africa, claiming an area it calls the Sahara Emirate. The group roams the […]

The Song of the Sand

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As we get closer and closer to D-Day, I get more and more excited! While listerning to Sting’s Desert Rose and America’s Horse with No Name (repeatedly) I came across this video-clip on the “song of the sands” This is a noise made byt he sand shearing when you disturb it, by walking, touching or […]

Viscous Coupling (finally) Changed!

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Last night I finally braved the arctic weather and went outdoors to change the viscous coupling on the fan/radiator. This means that now, the car shouldn’t overheat when stuck in traffic!