TeamBookTwo… to Timbuktu!

The Mission

The mission is to sucessfully deliver a car to Bamako… 4,800 miles south of our departure point!

While we officially start in Plymouth, the team is based in Uxbridge – so that’s our real departure point (and where we plan on having a launch party!) From Uxbridge we drive to Plymouth, then take a ferry to France. After picking up some baguettes, cheese and wine we enter Spain. A paella or two later we’ll stop to refuel in Gibraltar.

A ferry ride and alot of beurocracy will then be all that separate us from the real adventure… the start of the end so to speak!

Once we hit Northern Africa, all the teams will stop for a New Year’s celebration in Morocco, and maybe more importantly… a pit stop to patch the cars back together! Morrocco then leads us to Western Sahara, where we have been told to avoid the rebels who want independence from Morroco. After skipping their tea party, (and avoiding the landmines) we’ll enter Mauritania where Al Quaida have recently murdered a tourist or two (note to self, learn Arabic). From here we have two options; we will either go south, hit Senegal and then go east towards Mali (avoiding the area where 4 French tourists were found murdered in 2007)- or we can go east, crossing more of Mauritannia and gaining faster access to Mali.

By this point you’re probably thinking we’re insane… or have a death wish… While I can assure you we enjoy life and have no wish to die; I cannot vouch for our sanity. In fact, most people will quite happily vouch for our lack of sanity…

Once in Bamako, the car gets donated to the Rotary Club. They will auction all the cars off, and donate the money to charity. Further information about this can be found on the official site: