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Why is it that packing always …

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Why is it that packing always makes such a mess, both in the physical sense and the emotional one?

1 Month and counting!

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Only a month to go, and the last minute preparations have finaly kicked in! Still to do: – book chunnel tickets… – book hotel im marakesh – buy a new cb radio (the midland basecamp looks shockingly good) – 20-30 tapes for my camcorder – more memory cards for the camera – tent – car […]

Theft: An Appeal to the Thieves

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Sometime between my going to work yesterday and this morning, 5 wheels disappeared from my driveway. 3 are the Mercedes “pepper pot” alloy, and 2 are the “6-spoke star” alloy. The 2 have some HIGHLY illegal winter tyres (with the thread so low that it’s smooth, and both have a puncture repaired with the outside-in […]

52 Days Left!

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52 Days to departure! Not much to report… but the car now has a flat tyre! Need to do some work on it tonight… and get some paperwork sorted… and change the viscous coupling! All work and no play!