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Imported the Old Mailing List Database

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Howdy from Team Book Two! So it’s been a while, there’s been a LOT of new events and the site has been revamped! Over the weekend, I also imported the old mailing list and integrated it into the new mailing list & website. The new site can be found at:

Sneak Peak : Car Decorations Have Started!

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First coat of paint goes onto the rear of the car – decorations have begun!

New website goes live!

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After spending my night babysitting a Qualys scan for a particularly risk averse customer, I still couldn’t sleep. The Mountain Dew crate I bought (now being produced in the UK) kept well and truly awake!


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So I’ve copied some of the entries from the old blog to the new one…  Now I need to figure out a way to save the old and use the new instead…. without manually updating all the links!

First post…

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Working on refreshing the site from last year…. but I haven’t slept in 2 days, so I’m a bit groggy… expect typos, coding errors and all sort  of junk!

Time flies… we’ll be looking…

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Time flies… we’ll be looking for sponsors and charities soon, so if anyone has suggetions drop me a message!