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Almost Ready for the Launch Party!

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This weekend was an intersting one… and while there was very little progress on the car itself, it looks like it’s all coming together really well! Most of the vinyls are on the car, and bar removing a few bubble from the bonnet vinyl, that almost completes the decorations! Addtionally, the roof bars are on […]

First Wave of Flyers!

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This week has been quite exciting, we’ve gotten two new sponsors on board, W124 Works and Gavin’s Graphix. Additionally, we’ve started our hard-copy marketing campaign.

Espionage… it does work! (More pics)

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This weekend was reasonably quiet, with just one night spent babysitting a Qualys scan… This meant that I had a whole day to work on the car, and I made good use of it! Apart from contacting a few companies to get the vinyls cut, I finished painting the car and started applying some of […]

A message to the black Alfa on the M3 today…

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A funny thing happened today on my way to work… while stuck in traffic on the M3, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a guy in a black Alfa staring at my car.