TeamBookTwo… to Timbuktu!

Private Sponsors

Private Sponsors

I’ve decided to split the private sponsors list in two; this way we can acknowledge those who are helping with the 2010-2011 Timbuktu Challenge, while not ignoring the 2009-2010 donators!

We are planning to split all donation and use them for two things – 20% will be used to get the car to the charity in Mali and 80% will be used to buy pens, pencils, stationery and other things that we will be donating to local schools en-route. You can also donate pens, pencils, etc directly if you don’t wish. Just get in touch if you have anything you would like driven down to a school in West Africa! (within reason… I’m afraid we won’t drive that taped package of white powder down either).


Name Message Amount
Liz Good luck £10
Jim H.   £20
Ivan, Anna, Irene, and Umbi Again we are…. Go Braves! But above all come back safe and healthy! £80
The fat bloke   £20


Name Message Amount
NA go, Go, GO! £10
Jane Davies Very best wishes! £20
Nadia in bocca al lupo! £20
Anon   £5
B Birchall Good Luck – Enjoy £10
Mo Hussain Come back in one piece £10
Mike Pay extra for a guy with laser scope 🙂 £20
Richard Hein Hoping you don't need to shot your welding skills £10
Kevin Larkin How good a mecchanic are you? Good luck! £15
Ryan Dempsey All the best to you and your crew £9
Fam. Dal Conte Auguri! £250

To sponsor us, you can get in touch on the contact page or you can use the Paypal donation method below. If you use the Paypal method, please include a message and your name (if you want it to appear, or not, etc)


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