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The Saga Continues

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We got back the other week from Morocco… Given the cancellation of the challenge, we decided to drive the W202 (old Mercedes C-class) to Morocco, and have a pot around there, followed by a tour of Europe. As such, I quickly changed the coolant, made sure the snow tyres were fitted properly and the snow […]

27 Days to Go!

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27 days to go, almost to the minute! Today (or, yesterday) we flushed the radiator (8 times!) and ran limescale remover, rust remover and sludge buster; before refilling the radiator with 50:50 coolant. We also got the foglights fixed, and the cracked indicator. Hopefully today I’ll get the blowing exhaust, a/c and try to source […]

Big Update

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So a lot has happened since the last update!

Brake Lines Awaaay!

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The brake lines have been sent to Goodridge, now we wait!