TeamBookTwo… to Timbuktu!


Welcome to Team Book Two’s homepage!

The Timbuktu Challenge
Less than one month to go!

Now in it’s fifth year, this Challenge heads deeper into the African continent after crossing the Sahara Desert, and ends up in Mali. All surviving vehicles are to be donated to the local charity auctions. (taken from the official site)
Duration: 3 weeks
Vehicle restrictions:£100 or less

“TeamBookTwo?” you may be asking – well originally, we were meant to be “Team Book Two, to Timbuktu” but some horribly mean person decided that the team-names had to be a limited number of characters, so TeamBookTwo we are!

…but what, or who… or why… you may be asking! Patience young padawan, all will become clear in due course. Impatience leads to… something, which leads to something else, which leads to suffering, which leads to the dark side! and once on the path to the dark side – ok, I’ll stop!

Essentially TeamBookTwo is a team of people, some more insane than others that lead to sending two members of the team in a rickety old car across 14 countries, 2 seas and a desert; braving all sorts of challenges to deliver a car 4,8000 miles South to a charity auction in Bamako, near Timbuktu in Mali, Africa. Our rough route can be seen on this scribbled google map… make sure you zoom out to get a true idea of the scale!

Next question; why? Well, everyone has their own take on life, but the end result is that the entire experience is in support of a charity. That said, it’s also an incredible life-changing, once-in-a-lifetime, introspective, (insert your own buzzwords here) experience! Additionally, we tried the same trip last year, in the Timbuktu 2010… and got scuppered by a truck!

So, have a look around our site, get motivated, help us (or not) but most importantly, CONTACT US! Tell us why you love us (or not), why we shouldn’t go (or should) or really just send us your thoughts. Just one word of advice, we don’t need fake rolex watches, viagra nor breast enlargement pills – so please don’t spam us!